E Pluribus Unum

"E Pluribus Unum" is a 9 foot tall inverted pyrimad chandelier made from approximately 2000 recycled 16OZ water bottles.  An image of the Buddha is in each bottle."E Pluribus Unum" literally translated means "out of many one."   I use it here with emphasis on the "one."  "Oneness" is unity of spirit, mind, and body but not just of man.  It is a universal awareness that suggest that we (and all things) are all connected and indeed even the same "thing."  My personal motivation towards this way of thinking began in painting.  Pointillism and Impressionism led me to physics and the science of matter.  In both the afore mentioned approaches to painting color is perceived as light and applied to the canvas as such.  The notion of "solid" or "edge" or line is literally omitted other than through the perceptual collision of color aka light in the minds eye of the viewer.  It's the same way in nature.  In physics we read about energy particles and rates of vibration (or speed).  That rate of vibration, when matched with our ability or rate of perception, is what allows us to see form and difference.  But the fact is there really is only one thing: energy.